Custom Cue

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・全メーカ AE Balabushka Bender, Mike Chudy, Richard Cognoscenti Coker DP Espiritu, Russ Gilbert, Andy Gina Haley, Ron Hercek, Joel Hunter, Bob Jacoby Josey, Keith Joss-West Kersenbrock Kikel, David Lambros, Mike Manzino, Bob McDaniel, Bill McWorter, Jerry Morris, Ned Mottey, Paul Mystyque Nitti, Chris Olivier, Jerry Other Prather Prewitt, Ed Robinson Runde, Bob Samsara Schick, Bill Scruggs, Tim South West Szamboti, Barry Szamboti, Gus Tad Tonkin, Pete TT Custom Wayne, Thomas Weston, Perry Zinzola, Tony
AE 19.0 oz 価格: Sale pending.
Ebony Butt. White points with intricated silver lines. This is the cue appeared on p.33 of  Blue Book 3rd edition.
Ebony Butt. White points with intricated silver lines. This is the cue appeared on p.33 of  Blue Book 3rd edition. 
Balabushka 18.8oz 価格: Sold!  Thank you!
Titlist Blank Cue Early 1960 Non original Shaft Good Cond.
Titlist Blank Cue Early 1960 Non original Shaft Good Cond.
Bender, Mike 20.0 oz 価格: ASK!!
A Famous Smithsonian edtion Bender cue. Only three made and this cue is a 3 of 3.
A Famous Smithsonian edtion Bender cue. Only three made and this cue is a 3 of 3.  
Bender, Mike 価格: Not For Sale
The Cabin Fever have been made only three. This is a last version. Just delivered in 2006!
The Cabin Fever have been made only three. This is a last version. Just delivered in 2006!    
Bender, Mike 19.0 oz. 価格: Sold!  Thank you!
Very rare butt end inlay design. If you are looking for a fancy Bender, this is it.
Very rare butt end inlay design. If you are looking for a fancy Bender, this is it.
Bender, Mike 19.2oz 価格: SOLD!  Thank you!!
5-point of Ebony into Cocobolo White Spear & Daggers, Silver Dot & Lines
5-point of Ebony into Cocobolo White Spear & Daggers, Silver Dot & Lines
Bender, Mike 18.9oz 価格: Sold!
Bender Long Palisander Re-cut into Holly veneer into Cocobolo with Short White point
Bender Long Palisander Re-cut into Holly veneer into Cocobolo with Short White point
Chudy, Richard 19.2 oz. 価格: Sold!
No point no inlay! Natural color and grain of Thuya burl is good enough for this rc3. Two shafts.
No point no inlay! Natural color and grain of Thuya burl is good enough for this rc3. Two shafts.
Chudy, Richard 19.0 oz. 価格: Sold!
A traditional design of rc3! Asynmetrical 6 cocobolo point with birdseye maple butt. Nice hitter!
A traditional design of rc3! Asynmetrical 6 cocobolo point with birdseye maple butt. Nice hitter! 
Chudy, Richard 19.0 oz. 価格: Sold! Thank you!!
Very nice birdseye maple and Wildwood grain. Photos cannot tell its true beauty.
Very nice birdseye maple and Wildwood grain. Photos cannot tell its true beauty.
Chudy, Richard 19.0 oz. 価格: Sold!  Thank you!
Very fancy rc3 cue. Abaroni inlays in Kyoto Design is exceptionally beautiful.
Very fancy rc3 cue. Abaroni inlays in Kyoto Design is exceptionally beautiful.
Chudy, Richard 19.0 oz. 価格: Sold! Thank you!!
What a cue! Very unusual and beatuiful exotic wood! This cue is for a wood lover.
What a cue! Very unusual and beatuiful exotic wood! This cue is for a wood lover. 
Cognoscenti 19.0oz 価格: Sold!!
Ebony  with 5 Purple heart Logo point  with Silver line White  point    L.N.
Ebony  with 5 Purple heart Logo point  with Silver line White  point    L.N. 
Cognoscenti 19.6oz 価格: Sold!! Thank you!!
Ebony with 3 White Fancy point with Turquoise 3 White Spire point L.N.
Ebony with 3 White Fancy point with Turquoise 3 White Spire point L.N.
Cognoscenti 19.0 oz. 価格: Ask!
This is the Cognoscenti used by 2005 All Japan champion Takeshi Okumura!
This is the Cognoscenti used by 2005 All Japan champion Takeshi Okumura!
Cognoscenti 19.1oz 価格: Sold!  Thank you!
Ebony with 4 White difiori points with Malachite
Ebony with 4 White difiori points with Malachite
Cognoscenti 19.0 oz. 価格: Sold! Thank you!
Popular Logo point design. Exotic Cog is very hard to find now. Hits great!
Popular Logo point design. Exotic Cog is very hard to find now. Hits great! 
Coker 19.4oz 価格: Sold!!  Thank You!!
20point of Hi-Lo Amboiya burl point and Malachite & White  White  Joint & Butt cap
20point of Hi-Lo Amboiya burl point and Malachite & White  White  Joint & Butt cap
DP 20.1 oz. 価格: ASK!
A rare DP cue with excellent snakewood figure. Refinished and rewrapped with lizard skin.
A rare DP cue with excellent snakewood figure. Refinished and rewrapped with lizard skin.
Espiritu, Russ 価格: Not for sale
Made for me
Made for me
Espiritu, Russ 19.3 oz 価格: Sold!  Thank You!
 A rare, Merry Widow style Espiritu with thoya burl. It has very good wood grain and hits!
 A rare, Merry Widow style Espiritu with thoya burl. It has very good wood grain and hits!
Espiritu, Russ 19.4 oz. 価格: Sold! Thank you!
 Rare ebony butt with ebony,Whiite points. This cue is showed on p.47 of Blue Book 3rd edition.
 Rare ebony butt with ebony,Whiite points. This cue is showed on p.47 of Blue Book 3rd edition.
Gilbert, Andy 19.5 oz. 価格: Sold!
A classic four point design. If you are looking for an old school style cue this is for you.
A classic four point design. If you are looking for an old school style cue this is for you.
Gina 19.2 oz 価格: Sold!!  Thank You!!
Only 40 were made. If you miss this oppotunity you will not get the masterpiece forever.
Only 40 were made. If you miss this oppotunity you will not get the masterpiece forever.   
Gina 19.5 oz 価格: Sold!
One of a kind made in 1992. If you are looking for a traditional 8 point design this is for you.
One of a kind made in 1992. If you are looking for a traditional 8 point design this is for you. 
Gina 20.0 oz. 価格: Sold! Thank you!
Very popular model 14D. This was made 2002. A fancy joint protector is included.
Very popular model 14D. This was made 2002. A fancy joint protector is included. 
Gina 19.0oz 価格: Sold! Thank you!
Very popular model 17b. Made in 2007. Like new condition. This cue will go quick!
Very popular model 17b. Made in 2007. Like new condition. This cue will go quick!
Gina 19.5 oz. 価格: Sold!
1973 first generation Ginacue. 8 point with tons of M.O.P inalys. Good condition.
1973 first generation Ginacue. 8 point with tons of M.O.P inalys. Good condition.
Gina 19.0oz 価格: Sold! Thank you!!
A traditional 8 point design of Ginacue. 2 of 1  A fancy joint protector included.
A traditional 8 point design of Ginacue. 2 of 1  A fancy joint protector included.
Gina 19.2 oz 価格: Sold! Thank you!
Model 11D modified, one of a kind design. Unique ringwork, Silver dots in clover inlay. Very rare!
Model 11D modified, one of a kind design. Unique ringwork, Silver dots in clover inlay. Very rare!  
Haley, Ron 19.5oz  価格: Sold!  Thank you!
#108 4 point of Ebony. Like a Pottery design. (2) 13mm Shafts  Like New
#108 4 point of Ebony. Like a Pottery design. (2) 13mm Shafts  Like New
Haley, Ron 19.2oz 価格: Sold! Thank you!
Ebony cue. 6-point of White recut into pink ivory point, Pink Ivory into White squea
Ebony cue. 6-point of White recut into pink ivory point, Pink Ivory into White squea 
Hercek, Joel 19.4oz 価格: Not for sale!
4-point of Ebony All White point Fancy Joint Protectors
4-point of Ebony All White point Fancy Joint Protectors
Hercek, Joel 19.0 oz 価格: Sold!
White Joint. white inlays with Scrimshaw work. 13mm two shafts.
White Joint. white inlays with Scrimshaw work. 13mm two shafts.
Hercek, Joel 19.5 oz. 価格: Not for sale!
Good condition. It will take 10 years if you order a new one.  59 inches shark skin wrap
Good condition. It will take 10 years if you order a new one.  59 inches shark skin wrap
Hunter, Bob 19.5oz 価格: Sold!!
Very Hard to find Bob Hunter cue. Rare white inlay and traditional butt cap. Super collectible.
Very Hard to find Bob Hunter cue. Rare white inlay and traditional butt cap. Super collectible.
Jacoby 19.0 oz. 価格: Not For Sale
The Sultan, 2008 ACA Peoples Choice Award winning cue. This masterpiece will take your breath away.
The Sultan, 2008 ACA Peoples Choice Award winning cue. This masterpiece will take your breath away.
Josey, Keith 19.0 oz. 価格: Sold! Thank you!
A Merry Widow with Josey ringworks. Nice wood grain. Brand new!
A Merry Widow with Josey ringworks. Nice wood grain. Brand new!
Joss-West 19.5oz 価格: Sold!!  Thank You!!
1990 4-point of Ebony. Many White point. Good Cond. 12.8mm & 314 Shaft
1990 4-point of Ebony. Many White point. Good Cond. 12.8mm & 314 Shaft
Joss-West 19.7 oz. 価格: Ask..
Very fancy 8 point made in 1997. Radial pin. A Josswest is getting harder to get. Hurry!!<horsetl@lakotanet.com>... User unknown I can not send mail to you! do you have other mail address?
Very fancy 8 point made in 1997. Radial pin. A Josswest is getting harder to get. Hurry!!<horsetl@lakotanet.com>... User unknown I can not send mail to you! do you have other mail address?
Joss-West 19.5oz 価格: Sold!  Thank you!!
6-point of Ebony into maple (2) 13mm Shaft Like New. Radial pin
6-point of Ebony into maple (2) 13mm Shaft Like New. Radial pin
Joss-West 19.4oz 価格: Sold! Thank you!!
8-point of Ebony. This cue on Blue book 1 st. (2) 13mm Shafts
8-point of Ebony. This cue on Blue book 1 st. (2) 13mm Shafts
Kersenbrock 20.0oz 価格: Sold!  
1986 Cocobolo with 6-Cocobolo point with Birds eye in Long pts.Total 9 point. Very rare
1986 Cocobolo with 6-Cocobolo point with Birds eye in Long pts.Total 9 point. Very rare
Kikel, David 19.3 oz 価格: ASK!!
This KQ was designed and ordered by UK corporation. A matching joint protector included.
This KQ was designed and ordered by UK corporation. A matching joint protector included.  
Lambros, Mike 19.0oz 価格: Sold!!
Four cocobolo point cue. (USED)  Two shafts. Very good condition. Just try its Ultra joint hitting!
Four cocobolo point cue. (USED)  Two shafts. Very good condition. Just try its Ultra joint hitting!
Lambros, Mike 19.4 oz. 価格: Sold!  
A hard to find fancy Lambros. Great performance for a class A player!
A hard to find fancy Lambros. Great performance for a class A player!
Lambros, Mike 19.0 oz. 価格: Sold! Thank you!
Very long 6 points with color veneers. Nice inlay pattern. A great hitter!
Very long 6 points with color veneers. Nice inlay pattern. A great hitter!
Manzino, Bob 18.8 oz. 価格: ASK!!
An elegant beauty adorned with silver white and abalone! People will just look in amazement!  Brand new.
An elegant beauty adorned with silver white and abalone! People will just look in amazement!  Brand new.
Manzino, Bob 19.1oz 価格: Sold!
A brand new fancy Bob Manzino. A photo cannot tell its beauty. Made in 2006!  This will go quick!
A brand new fancy Bob Manzino. A photo cannot tell its beauty. Made in 2006!  This will go quick! 
McDaniel, Bill 19.3 oz 価格: Sold!
Superb Szamboti 8-point style Bill McDaniel. Each white dot inlay is bordered by silver!
Superb Szamboti 8-point style Bill McDaniel. Each white dot inlay is bordered by silver! 
McDaniel, Bill 19.7 oz. 価格: Sold!  Thank you!
Very fancy Szamboti 8 prong tribute model. This cue will go quick! 2 shafts
Very fancy Szamboti 8 prong tribute model. This cue will go quick! 2 shafts 
McWorter, Jerry 19.0 oz 価格: Sold!  Thank you!
Two 13mm shafts.
Two 13mm shafts.
McWorter, Jerry 19.0 oz. 価格: Sold!  Thank you!
For a serious player! It is getting harder to find a plain six pointers!
For a serious player! It is getting harder to find a plain six pointers!
McWorter, Jerry 19.0 oz 価格: Sold! Thank you!
Fancy McWorter two 13mm shaft
Fancy McWorter two 13mm shaft
McWorter, Jerry 19.0 oz 価格: Sold! Thank you!
A new design named Point Interrupted. Pretty good design for a serious player!
A new design named Point Interrupted. Pretty good design for a serious player!
McWorter, Jerry 19.4 oz. 価格: Sold!  Thank you!!
A new design! Ambonya burl trimmed by unique loop silver line. This will go quick!
A new design! Ambonya burl trimmed by unique loop silver line. This will go quick! 
McWorter, Jerry 19.2 oz. 価格: Sold!  Thank you!
The Venetian design. Very nice figured Thuya burl butt. Two shafts. Brand new cue 2014!!
The Venetian design. Very nice figured Thuya burl butt. Two shafts. Brand new cue 2014!!
McWorter, Jerry 19.4oz 価格: ASK!
#1312 Pink ivory Cue. Ptolemy Split Point Design. White Point
#1312 Pink ivory Cue. Ptolemy Split Point Design. White Point
Morris, Ned 19.0oz 価格: Sold!  Thank you!
Rare plain Ned Morris cue. Two 13mm shafts. A great hitter for a serious player.
Rare plain Ned Morris cue. Two 13mm shafts. A great hitter for a serious player.
Morris, Ned 19.0oz 価格: Sold!
Very fancy 8 point cue. Loaded with tons of pink ivory & white inlays. (2) 13mm shafts.
Very fancy 8 point cue. Loaded with tons of pink ivory & white inlays. (2) 13mm shafts. 
Mottey, Paul 19.2oz 価格: Sold!  Thank you!!
Tribute for 8 point Szamboti . Hits great!  Made in 2005. Arrival just now. Good Condition.
Tribute for 8 point Szamboti . Hits great!  Made in 2005. Arrival just now. Good Condition.
Mottey, Paul 19.1oz 価格: Sold!!
Maple with 4- Amboiya burl point with veneers. Amboiya burl butt cap
Maple with 4- Amboiya burl point with veneers. Amboiya burl butt cap
Mystyque 19.1oz 価格: ASK
Cue made by Brad Zaccone who studied cuemaking under Kersenbrock. Two 13mm shafts.
Cue made by Brad Zaccone who studied cuemaking under Kersenbrock. Two 13mm shafts.
Nitti, Chris 19.0 oz. 価格: ASK!!
A rare Merry Widow cue made by Chris Nitti. Nice figure of Bubinga. For a serious player!
A rare Merry Widow cue made by Chris Nitti. Nice figure of Bubinga. For a serious player!
Olivier, Jerry 19.9 oz. 価格: Sold! Thank you!
A rare siliver inlay pattern. One of a kind. Refinished and rewrapped with lizard skin.
A rare siliver inlay pattern. One of a kind. Refinished and rewrapped with lizard skin.
Prather 19.2oz 価格: Sold!
Snakewood points and birdseye maple handle.
Snakewood points and birdseye maple handle.
Prather 19.1 oz. 価格: ASK!
Very nice Afzalia burl wood! If you are an exotic wood lover this cue is for you.
Very nice Afzalia burl wood! If you are an exotic wood lover this cue is for you.
Prewitt, Ed 19.4 oz. 価格: Sold!  Thank you!
A Californian traditional style Prewitt with fancy rings.
A Californian traditional style Prewitt with fancy rings.
Robinson 19.8oz 価格: Sold!  Thank You!
E-61 Ebony cue. Purple Heart point. Many White point Like New
E-61 Ebony cue. Purple Heart point. Many White point Like New
Runde, Bob 19.5 oz. 価格: Sold!  Thank you!
Samsara 19 oz. 価格: SOLD!  THANK YOU!
Hard to find Samsara Merry Widow. Not a Barcue. This is for a quiet road player...
Hard to find Samsara Merry Widow. Not a Barcue. This is for a quiet road player...
Samsara 19.2oz 価格: Sold!  Thank You!
#930 12- Cocobolo point up and down into Curly Maple. Double diamond rings
#930 12- Cocobolo point up and down into Curly Maple. Double diamond rings
Schick, Bill 19.0 oz. 価格: ASK!
Nice flower engraving into box inlays. A photo cannot tell its true beauty. Ask for details.
Nice flower engraving into box inlays. A photo cannot tell its true beauty. Ask for details.
Schick, Bill 19.0 oz. 価格: Sold!  Thank you!
Eight points with gold and snakewood inlays. Made in 2009, brand new. For serious collectors!
Eight points with gold and snakewood inlays. Made in 2009, brand new. For serious collectors!
Scruggs, Tim 19.0 oz. 価格: ASK!
A vintage floating 6 points Scruggs. Made late 1980s or early 1990s. Very rare!
A vintage floating 6 points Scruggs. Made late 1980s or early 1990s. Very rare!
South West 20.0oz 価格: Sold!!
Franklins Fancy South West   Circa 1986    Maple cue alves point                   (2) 13mm Shaft
Franklins Fancy South West   Circa 1986    Maple cue alves point                   (2) 13mm Shaft   
South West 20.0oz 価格: Sold!!
1999 Cocobolo cue. most deluxe version. 13mm Shaft New cue
1999 Cocobolo cue. most deluxe version. 13mm Shaft New cue
South West 20.5 oz. 価格: Sold!  Thank You!!
Ultra fancy Sowth West. 551 96.  Very hard to find. two 13mm shafts.
Ultra fancy Sowth West. 551 96.  Very hard to find. two 13mm shafts.
South West 20.2 oz. 価格: Sold! 
Jerry Franklin era (395 95) fancy model. Two original and two non-original shafts. Excellent condition.
Jerry Franklin era (395 95) fancy model. Two original and two non-original shafts. Excellent condition. 
South West 20.0 oz. 価格: Sold!
Popular wood conbination for players! Ebony butt with purpleheart points, made in 1998.
Popular wood conbination for players! Ebony butt with purpleheart points, made in 1998.
South West 20.0 oz. 価格: Sold!
Ebony nose, Cocobolo points with two veneers. used condeition. made in 2002 I will refinish soon.
Ebony nose, Cocobolo points with two veneers. used condeition. made in 2002 I will refinish soon.
South West 19.4 oz. 価格: Sold!  Thank you!
Very hard to find plain model. No points no inlays only a solid maple ring. This is for a serious player!
Very hard to find plain model. No points no inlays only a solid maple ring. This is for a serious player!
Szamboti, Barry 20.0oz 価格: Not For Sale
2003 4-point  New cue!  most deluxe version. (2) 13mm Shaft Made for Me!!
2003 4-point  New cue!  most deluxe version. (2) 13mm Shaft Made for Me!!
Szamboti, Barry 19.7oz 価格: Sold!  Thank You!
Rare snakewood four point. Fancy Joint collar design
Rare snakewood four point. Fancy Joint collar design
Szamboti, Barry 価格: 比較用
Szamboti, Barry 19.4 oz. 価格: Sold!  Thank you!
This cue was Circa 1995 refinished by Barry and since then unplayed. Three 13.2mm shafts. Excellent!
This cue was Circa 1995 refinished by Barry and since then unplayed. Three 13.2mm shafts. Excellent!
Szamboti, Barry 20.4 oz. 価格: Sold!  Thank you!
A rare Hoppe style B.S. Circa1994 Two original shafts one ferrule replaced. Very good condition!
A rare Hoppe style B.S. Circa1994 Two original shafts one ferrule replaced. Very good condition!
Szamboti, Barry 19.4oz 価格: Sold!  Thank you!
1993 Maple with 4-point of Ebony 4-Maple Windows 57 Inch
1993 Maple with 4-point of Ebony 4-Maple Windows 57 Inch 
Szamboti, Barry 19.3oz 価格: Sold!!  Thank you!!
2003 8-point  New cue!  most deluxe version. (2) 13mm Shafts
2003 8-point  New cue!  most deluxe version. (2) 13mm Shafts
Szamboti, Gus 19.9oz 価格: Sold!!
8-point most deluxe version. 12.6mm Shaft Good condition
8-point most deluxe version. 12.6mm Shaft Good condition
Szamboti, Gus 20.0 oz 価格: Sold!!
Fancy bar-bel inlay two shafts
Fancy bar-bel inlay two shafts
Szamboti, Gus 19.7 oz. 価格: Sold!  Thank you!
Simple but clean G.S. cue. (1) 12.7mm (1) 12.5mm  A solid hitter!
Simple but clean G.S. cue. (1) 12.7mm (1) 12.5mm  A solid hitter!
Szamboti, Gus 20.5 oz 価格: Sold!
 Used, good condition. 13mm two shafts. 59 Inch.
 Used, good condition. 13mm two shafts. 59 Inch.
Szamboti, Gus 20.0oz 価格: ASK!
Super fancy GS. Ex owner is  legendary player Ray Martin. An authentication letter is attached.
Super fancy GS. Ex owner is  legendary player Ray Martin. An authentication letter is attached. 
Tad 19.4oz 価格: Sold!! Thank You!!
#950 Circa 1990 8-point of Ebony 12.7mm Very Good condition
#950 Circa 1990 8-point of Ebony 12.7mm Very Good condition
Tad 19.5 oz 価格: Sold!  Thank you!
A very fancy vintage 8 prong Tad. #961
A very fancy vintage 8 prong Tad. #961
Tad 19.4 oz. 価格: Sold!!
A vintage design straight Tad. Nice ringwork that cannot see current models.
A vintage design straight Tad. Nice ringwork that cannot see current models.  
Tad 19.8 oz. 価格: Sold!  Thank you!
Nice birdseye maple Straight Tad. With a nickel silver A ring which is fairly rare.
Nice birdseye maple Straight Tad. With a nickel silver A ring which is fairly rare.  
Tad 19.4oz 価格: Sold!  
Plain cue for 9- ball Players (1) 13mm Very Good Shafts
Plain cue for 9- ball Players (1) 13mm Very Good Shafts   
Tad 20.3oz 価格: Sold!!  
 Very good original condition. If you are looking for long butt cap Tad, this is it! Two 12.6mm shaft.
 Very good original condition. If you are looking for long butt cap Tad, this is it! Two 12.6mm shaft.
Tad 19.5oz 価格: Sold!!
 2001 8-point of Ebony, Red veneer, M.O.P. point 13mm Shaft
 2001 8-point of Ebony, Red veneer, M.O.P. point 13mm Shaft
Tonkin, Pete 18.5 oz. 価格: Sold! Thank you!!
This is a first Tonkin cue coming into Japan. Nice bridge points. Nice hitter,too!
This is a first Tonkin cue coming into Japan. Nice bridge points. Nice hitter,too!
TT Custom 18.1 & 18.5oz. 価格: ASK!
A new cuemaker for Japanese market! If you are looking for a nice design at reasonable price this is for you.
A new cuemaker for Japanese market! If you are looking for a nice design at reasonable price this is for you.
Wayne, Thomas 19.1oz 価格: Sold!!  Thank you!!!
 Maple cue. 8- point Ebony, Purple heart Holly wood and White gorgeous!!
 Maple cue. 8- point Ebony, Purple heart Holly wood and White gorgeous!!
Weston, Perry 19.4oz 価格: Sold!!  Thank you!!!
Ebony with 6-Ebony point All Silver Veneers & Turquoise Inlays
Ebony with 6-Ebony point All Silver Veneers & Turquoise Inlays
Zinzola, Tony 17.5 oz. 価格: Sold!  Thank you!
A brand new cuemaker from Boston! Nice Azfelia burl points with vivid color venners. Birdseye Sugar Gum forearm.
A brand new cuemaker from Boston! Nice Azfelia burl points with vivid color venners. Birdseye Sugar Gum forearm.
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